Wednesday, August 12, 2009

scrap rooms

if you've been reading this blog at all you know that i love shopping for scrapbook supplies as much as i love scrapbooking. the more you shop the more stuff you have, the more stuff you need to organize and store somewhere.
i subscribe to kristina werner's youtube channel, and one of her latest posts is on her "messy scrap room". i have always loved looking at other scrapers' rooms. to see how they organize things, and to check out their hoard of supplies. and kristina has a room full of amazing supplies.i wonder if she appreciates that great stash. i'm trying hard not to be jealous-can you tell :)
besides being jealous was inpired, because i figure at the rate i'm going eventually i'll get there, one blissful shopping trip at a time.
my scrap room, is technically not a room. it's more of a desk. which is a step up from working off of tv trays or the kitchen table like when i first started. it's hard to believe that once upon a time all of my cardstock and print paper both fit into one organizer, and all my other supplies in a small plastic tub. i still don't consider myself an advanced scrapper, but i'm enjoying the growth process and learning more and more about my favorite hobby every day.

want to see more scraprooms? click HERE

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