Thursday, August 6, 2009

bad news equals big spending

recently I was watching a MACM video and heard kristina warner say that provo craft is discontinuing the coluzzle. shock. outrage. disbelief ensued. i've wanted a coluzzle since the first time i saw it in action. but i'm a shop-a-holic, i want pretty much EVERYTHING i see, so i have to pace myself. i'd actually tried to purchase it the conventional way, and was unable to find the circle template (the one i really want) at my LSS or online.

so i turned to my ever helpful. . . wait for it. . . ebay!

and now i'm bidding higher than i usually like to and fighting harder than i thought i'd have to, to win this thing. there are 6 hours left, and mark my words, i will win this darn coluzzle if i have to empty my bank account to do it. ok, maybe i'm just kidding-i'm not empting my bank account-but seriously i want it now and i'm going to get it.
stay tuned, i'll let you know how this ends.

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