Friday, August 7, 2009

the ebay battle is over and . . .

I WON!!!!!

that's right, i won the coluzzle circle template. thank you ebay. it was a close call, had my competitor bid just one more time i would have given up, becuase even i have my limits.

and because i had a little extra money to do some shopping i decided to pick up a few more things and stumbled across possibly the BEST DEAL i've ever found on Ebay. seriously.

I purchased some hero arts clear stamps for $5. Seriously $5! I bought 2 sets and with combined shipping (which was only $3) i made out like a bandit. since in any store those stampes would have been $15.

here's a link to the ebay seller

i purchased hero arts: birds, trees & messages. and happiness messages stamp sets. can't wait to get them, and make some cute cards with all my great new sentiments.

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