Thursday, August 20, 2009

cosmo cricket

isn't it funny how once something pops up on your mental radar you suddenly see it everywhere? such is the case with cosmo cricket. a few weeks ago i hadn't ever heard of the line, and now i seem to notice their unique and quirky style everywhere.

i'll definitely be picking up some items from this line on my next shoping trip. i love the vintage-y feel (how cute is that little toaster!) and the colors they use, which is a little surprising for me since i usually gravitate toward bold bright colors. this is their early bird collection, which is my current fav. their latest release is the boyfriend collection which is pretty cute too.

got a new favorite line you just found? leave a comment and let me know about it!


  1. The Boyfriend line by Cosmo Cricket is at the top of my list too!!!(I found you through the Hero Arts Flickr site on the blog roll thread).

  2. The Boyfriend is on the way to the shop...probably will arrive next week.


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