Tuesday, September 22, 2009

what i've learned

last week the theme on the hero arts blog was learning. and their hostess' showed one of their first cards and then made another card showing how much they'd learned. which got me thinking.
i've been scrapbooking for about six years now, but i've only been making cards since may of this year. just 5 months!
so what have i learned?

  • that while i never used my bone folder for scrapbooking, its unbelievably handy for a card making

  • most of my letter stickers are too BIG for cards (which was as good a reason as any for me to shop)

  • 6x6 paper packs are PERFECT for cardmaking. honestly before i just didn't see the point. and i didn't own any, now i'm always on the hunt for a cute mat pack :)

  • pop dots are your friend-and make your cards SO much more interesting

  • and above all. (because i have to say i didn't own a single one until i started making cards.) YOU NEED STAMPS! :) and Hero Arts make some of my favorite stamps.

i feel like my whole outlook on scrapbook has changed since i've been making cards and when i go back i know i'll be a better scrapbooker because of everything i've learned. although i do think my scale is going to change a LOT. i used to be a 12x12 scrapbooker, i think the next book i do will be and 8x8 since i'm so used to working on a smaller scale these days.

now for the cards. the blue happy birthday was one of my 1st cards. the elements i really wanted to keep in creating my "what i've learned" card were: the horizontal border, buttons, rhinestones, and i wanted placement to be somewhat similar.
i'm proud of my progress so far, can't wait to see what my cards look like a year from now or two years from now.

want to share what you've learned? please leave a link the comments i would love to see your before and after!

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