Friday, September 25, 2009

christmas card GIVEAWAY ends today

it's almost over! time is running out.
ok all drama aside, this is just a reminder that the christmas in september card challenge ends today. so if you want to WIN just post a link to a christmas card you've made in the comments section by midnight tonight (PST).
i'll post the winner (maybe tomorrow-more likely monday :) -since i don't usually post on the weekends.
i'm so happy its friday, i didn't scrap at all last weekend and i look forward to making up for it this weekend. plus i plan to shoot a video, which i haven't done in months. so it should be a very fun, very "crafty" weekend for me.

happy friday


  1. Cool your must haves :))) Here is a link of my favorite Christmas card I have made so for this season: Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  2. I hope I'm getting this link to you in time, it's still PDT here.
    thanks! and have a great weekend of crafting and scrapping.


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