Thursday, July 2, 2009

once again i'm reminded why i love ebay

since i refuse to develop the kind of self control needed to stop myself from constantly wanting to shop for new scrap supplies, i am at least proud that i've developed the kind of shopper savvy to seek out great deals. i've been in love with hero arts sending happy thoughts stamps since i first saw them. (about a month ago). but i couldn't bring myself to spend $15 for them. (man that makes me sound cheap-sorry but that's how i felt.) without at least trying to get a better price.
and i did. . .thanks to the joy of ebay i got them for $5.15 plus $2.50 shipping. $7.65!!! can you believe it.

thank you ebay
i can't wait to get started using these. be sure to check back for all the cute cards i'll be making with them

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