Monday, July 6, 2009

A New Discovery plus a GIVEAWAY

Whenever I travel outside of my neighborhood I love to explore and find scrapbooking stores that I have never visited and check out their product. Whenever I go to a scrapbook store I enjoy getting that feeling of "Home" and "My Happy Place". For example anytime I go to Sonja's Spot at the Bridge in Los Angeles I get inspired every time I walk through the doors, the vibrant colors and the atmosphere makes you want to stay for a while and spend money and create wonderful projects and scrapbook pages. Well last weekend I went to visit my mom in Pomona, California and I discovered a scrapbook store down the street from her house called Scrapping Lounge. OMG! I fell in love with this place, it was so cute and inspiring and the people there were extremely friendly that I just wanted to sit down at the wonderful work station and scrapbook for the rest of the day. It had such a vibrant colors and displays that just opened up your creativity. The various choices of paper was great and just the set up impressed me. I was truly in "My Happy Place". They offer FREE table time during work hours! So if you are in the area take the time to check them out. Their web site is Thanks for sharing in the excitement of my New Discovery.
The first person to go to Sonja's Spot or Scapping Lounge and send us a comment about them we will send you a little gift. The email for SCAT is Have a great day!

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