Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finding Some "ME" Time

Today I took the time to look around my craft room and thought about all the unfinished projects that I have tucked away. Wonderful ideas that came to my head and inspired me to purchase the tools needed, only for it to be put off for months. For example I made the decision that I wasn't going to complete another scrapbook of another friend's baby instead I was going to do an "All About Me" book. Using all in black and white photos. I thought it would be an amazing book, with bright colors and embellishments, that really poped agains the black and white photos. But, here I am months later with all the supplies and yet no book is done.
So often we get rapped up in life to the point that we fail to complete the things that we enjoy and make us happy. So I have decided to make a pact with myself that I will finish what I start and spend at least an hour a day doing something that makes me happy.
Are there some things you wish to complete? I'd love to hear about it, drop me a comment on the blog or at our email!!!! Have a scaptabulous day!

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